Emote Meter

Welcome to EmoteMeter.com!

Emote Meter is a Twitch Extension, that measures your chat's level of Happiness.

Viewers can react to the stream with an emote in chat and the meter will measure the number of people responding.

As a Twitch Extension, it can be configured and then activated into any slot you want. Or you can configure it (using the Extension Configurator) and then use it as a Browser Source in popular streaming programs such as OBS Studio or xSplit.

I wanna test but not install

You can test the Emote meter at Twitch send a VoteYea to chat and watch the Panel Score

Getting Started

Full Twitch Extension

To continue, visit Emote Meter Extension on Twitch

Click Install and then Configure

After configuration, activate the extension into a Slot!

As a Browser Source


Login to start configuring

And use the Browser Source URL from there


Visit the Extension on Twitch

Click install, and then configure

Use the Browser Source URL from the Configuration panel

The Browser Source URL is the same regardless of how you configure.

Current Themes

Twitch Hot
Twitch Cold
Twitch Cold
Twitch Hot
Twitch Hot Veritcal
Twitch Hot vertical
Twitch Cold Vertical
Twitch Cold Vertical

Help and Support

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Issues, support and bug reports can currently be filed or requested to either Email or Twitter @BarryCarlyon

Common Questions check out Support page for advice