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Help and Support

Help everythings broken!

If your problem is with the Twitch dashboard or the Extension configurator not working on Twitch you can use this website to config, just Login and the same configuration tool is available

Help I need help now

Drop a line on my Twitter @BarryCarlyon

I have a question

Pop over to my Twitter @BarryCarlyon, if I'm awake (I'm UK Based) and you are live, I might pop into your channel to see whats going on.

Reporting a bug

The best way to report a bug is to send an email to extensions@barrycarlyon.co.uk

Include information about what you did, what did or did not happen and what you expected to happen.

Please do include any screenshots or other information.

Suggesting a Theme

All meter themes accepted! Please send them to extensions@barrycarlyon.co.uk

A future release will provide ways for you to upload art/images to customise your meter but general usage themes are accepted!

Known Issues

The Twitch Side configuration tool will mess about with your Overlay Positioning, this has been fixed with a server side fix and a Twitch side Fix is in the queue awaiting review.

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